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At Breeze Hawaii, besides snorkeling, we also offer boat charters that you can use freely. An experienced instructor will guide you, so even beginners can participate with ease.



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Sneak a peek into Hawaii's underwater world! A snorkeling tour where you can meet sea turtles.

Boat Charter

Snorkeling, cruising and spreading your loved ones ashes. There are many ways to fully utilize Breeze Hawaii's privately owned boat.



Q When do I pay for the tour? What payment methods do you accept?

The basic tour price will be paid by credit card at the time of booking or credit card/cash on the day of the tour. Any optional fees will be paid by cash on the day of the tour.
The types of credit cards accepted will vary depending on the timing of payment. Please check below.
・Payment methods we accept for online reservations: Diners, Mastercard, JCB, Visa, American Express
・Payment methods we accept on site on the day of the activity: Visa, Mastercard, JCB

Q I haven't decided on a hotel yet, can I make a reservation?

Of course it is ok! Please let us know the name of your hotel so that we can arrange transportation.

Q Can I make a reservation the day before?

Reservations are subject to availability. We highly recommend making a reservation in advance.

Q How can I change the reservation date or cancel?

Please contact us via our inquiry form.

Q Do you have a cancellation policy?

The following cancellation fees will apply:
Cancellations made after 1pm (Hawaii time) 2 days before participation.... 50%
Cancellations or no shows after 1pm (Hawaii time) the day before participation.... 100%

*For our private tours/boat charter
Cancellations made after 1pm (Hawaii time) 5 days before participation.... 50%
Cancellations or no shows after 1pm (Hawaii time) the day before participation.... 100%

・Please note that if you cancel due to personal reasons (unwell, inconvenient scheduling, etc) during the course of the activity (i.e. after the course has started), there will be no refunds.

Q Which hotels does your pick-up service include?

We will pick you up at hotels in the Waikiki and Ala Moana area. If you are staying in the Kahala, Ko'olina, or are not staying at a hotel, please meet us at the meeting point, or come to the nearest hotel in the Waikiki/ Ala Moana area.
Meeting points varies by tour.

※Private Tour/Boat Charter only:
Pick-up from Kahala is available for an additional fee ($20/Group roundtrip, $10/group one way).

Q Can I participate with my children?

Children ages 6 and up can participate in snorkeling, while children ages 2 and up can participate in boat charters that do not include marine activities.
※We recommend that you make a reservation after considering your child's capabilities, not just their age.

Q Up to what age can I participate?

There is no maximum age limit, but we kindly ask that participants are in good health and capable of taking care of themselves. A doctor's note is required for participants with medical conditions, so please consult us beforehand.

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